Our Mission

Vision Statement: The First Baptist Church of Hightstown is committed to being a loving, hard-working, faith-filled family serving the needs of Hightstown and beyond while opening doors to hope and salvation and developing disciples for Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement: The First Baptist Church of Hightstown commits to fulfilling our vision through:

  • Demonstrating to all the love of God through Jesus Christ.
  • Church programs and small groups that enhance the fellowship of the church and ultimately point all to a relationship with Jesus.
  • Regularly engaging in intentional prayer for our church and community.
  • Demonstrating through worship the power and presence of God with an eye toward revival.
  • Engaging in and partnering with missions and ministries that improve the quality of life and welfare of our community while upholding Biblical values.
  • Engaging in teaching ministries that enhance a person’s spiritual and practical life.
  • Ultimately channeling all of our church life through the lens of evangelism and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.