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First Baptist Church of Hightstown can now receive your gifts and offerings electronically through our partnership with ministry website! Click the link below to be taken to our secure portal where you can give by check or card!

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Hi Pastor, I hope the family is well. I thought you’d like to know how things are at 18 Winter Place, Aberdeen. We have discovered a meaningful blessing during this horrific crisis and self-quarantine. We don’t call it self-quarantine any more. Instead we call it forced togetherness. The time we’ve spent together has brought us closer than ever before. We’ve learned that the depth of our love for each other goes far deeper and is far more meaningful than we ever would have ever known. My family,(brothers, sisters, parents & friends) has never been closer as well. We communicate every day through an APP called Marco Polo. It’s kind’a like snap chat. We have one rule, no conversation about the covid-19 issues. We share stories, jokes, recipes, songs, a cup of coffee and updates about what we did with the day. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this, being a pastor and all but on Fridays at 5:30pm, 5 to 10 of us log on to zoom and have a cocktail party together. Tea teetotalers like myself are welcome, Praises to our Lord no one we know has been affected with this virus. IE: As a whole what could be a terrible existence has turned our eyes and hearts to our Lord Jesus Christ with thanks and praises. We pray daily for those that are less fortunate than we are. That brings me to a question. Linda and I would like to use some of our stimulus money to help a family in need. Does the church have a fund set-up to which we can contribute?


Linda and I made a donation to the deacon’s fund. We were hoping the donation will be used to help those that are facing a financial burden during this difficult time. However, if the money could be used in another, more effective way else where please use it at your discretion. God Bless, pray and stay safe.


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